Our Team

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Ana Silva, D.O.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Endocrinology

I have always wanted to have a small practice that allowed me to get to know my patients on a personal level. As I started to practice, I felt pressured by employers to see volumes of patients and my dreams of spending ample time with my patients started to fade. When I went on my own it was easy to see why large hospital practices and some private practices where pushing volumes. Insurance companies. Yes, the people you pay to manage your care. I didn’t want to give up the dream of quality care and I found offices that were able to provide the kind of services I wanted for my patients. The answer was concierge medicine. A small practice with reasonable fees that allows patients and doctors to connect. Direct access to me allowing us to form a connection and providing quality care. Join me today and see the difference we can make in taking back your health. - Dr. Ana