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Losing weight is hard work, and it requires an unrelenting dedication to following a new, healthy lifestyle. Your weight-loss journey is easier when you choose medical weight loss with Ana Silva, DO, at Florida Endocrine Consultants, PLLC. Dr. Silva has extensive experience providing diabetes coaching and nutritional services to patients throughout the United States. For Florida residents, Dr. Silva offers a telehealth medical weight-loss program, giving you the opportunity to receive medical care, meal plans, and ongoing support from your own home. To schedule a video conference, reserve a time online.


How does medical weight loss help me reach my goals?

When you choose medical weight loss, you gain Dr. Silva’s full support, including her medical and nutritional expertise and the information you need for successful weight loss. In addition to medical care, she offers ongoing motivation and accountability as you check in on a regular basis.

What should I expect during my initial weight-loss consultation?

During your weight-loss consultation, Dr. Silva reviews your medical history and learns if you tried to lose weight in the past, and if so, how it worked out. She also talks with you about your current eating habits so she can begin to target problem areas and determine a customized plan that will work for you.

Many people who are overweight have undiagnosed problems such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and high blood pressure. Dr. Silva screens for chronic health conditions and performs a nutritional evaluation so she can treat any underlying problems.

What weight-loss services will I receive?

Dr. Silva works closely with you to establish healthy weight-loss goals and create a realistic plan for success. Your medical weight-loss program is always individualized to meet your overall needs. However, a few basic elements are included in most plans: behavior modification, medication, and follow-up appointments.

Behavior modification

Behavior modification refers to the changes you need to make in your diet, exercise, and other lifestyle habits if you want to successfully lose weight. Dr. Silva helps you create a meal plan that’s packed with nutrition and stays within your calorie goals.

You’ll also have all the support you need for designing an exercise regimen. The final element of behavior modification is identifying the bad habits that sabotage your diet and developing a plan to replace bad habits with healthy ones.


Weight-loss medications aren’t for everyone. If you qualify, however, they effectively kickstart your diet and give you a motivating boost. These medications work by suppressing your appetite, diminishing cravings, and blocking fat absorption from the foods you eat.

Regular follow-up appointments

You’ll schedule follow-up video conferences so Dr. Silva can monitor your weight-loss progress, answer any questions you may have, and make adjustments to your diet plan if necessary. And if you have questions or concerns, you can also contact her directly via her cellphone 24/7 after you’re an established patient.

If you suffer from a weight loss difficulties, Dr. Silva offers the help you need through telehealth services, as well as 24/7 access to her via cell phone if you’re a concierge member. You can easily schedule an appointment at your convenience using the online booking tool.


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