Now accepting Virtual appointments.



Concierge Membership Services:

Don’t let insurance or distance dictate quality of your care.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine:

  • Direct access to your doctor 24/7 via call, text or email.
  • Priority scheduling for same day appointments and after hours (including weekends and/or holidays) for emergencies.
  • Convenient and flexible Telehealth technology for virtual visits.

Concierge Memberships:

  • Gold members: 
    • 24/7 cell phone and email access
    • 60 minute appointments
    • Same or next day appointments
    • Reduced visit fee (50% off)

  • Diamond Plus members: 
    • 24/7 cell phone and email access
    • 60 minute appointments
    • Same day appointments including after hours and holidays
    • 1 telemedicine visit per month included ($150 value)

Membership Billing: 

We offer flexible monthly billing cycles as well as annual cycles at discounted rate. Schedule your meet and greet today.

Subscription Fees:

We believe in quality over quantity. In order to allow our practice to offer longer appointment times and scheduling flexibility, we do limit the number of overall patients in our practice. Your subscription fees allow us to keep our patient volume low and provide each individual with optimal care.

Why Join Our VIP Network?

It’s your health, your way!

Take back the control of your care on your terms. Don’t let insurance companies dictate who manages your health, how often you can be seen and let go of the pressure from short visit time. With our VIP Network, you can access a top-rated specialist of your choice with scheduling flexibility and frequency, length of appointment times plus the added convenience of Telehealth technology. 

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