Concierge Care

Your Health - Your Way

Are you a busy professional? Struggling to fit in time for your health? Concierge medicine is the solution. 

  • Direct access to your physician FROM ANYWHERE in the world*

  •  Priority and extended hours

  • Unlimited visit

  • Home visits*

Prioritize yourself and your health.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best individualized treatment plan for each patient from a Board Certified Internist and Endocrinologists.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Care Designed For Busy Professionals

Quality Care

Take Control of Your Health

Waited in the lobby for 2 hours only to be seen for 10 minutes? Feeling underwhelmed and undervalued? Our general wait time is under 10 minutes. All our patients are scheduled for a minimum of 30-minutes. Need more time? No problem. Let us know how long YOU need and we will make it happen.


Size Matters

Our practice offers access to a limited number of patients. Why? Size matters. We want to know you. We want you to feel like you are a part of our family. We value quality vs quantitiy of care.

Direct Acess

Our Office at YOUR Fingertips

Our patients have access to us via a secure texting platform. Have a quick question? Shoot us a text. Need to be seen today? Just text us.


Expert Trained

Experience and training matter. Hormone and metabolic problems are complicated. Why settle for someone who has little experience or training? You don't have to. Dr. Ana spent 13 years in training and education to be the expert she is today. We are often imitated, but never duplicated.


We Care

Dr. Ana's own experiences as patient shaped who she is as a doctor today. She is passionate about treating her patients like they are her own family.

Choose us because we choose to care for you.


VIP Executive Membership

Our highest tier of membership for the select few

All Access

  • One annual fee with unlimited virtual visits

  • Priority booking

  • Extended and exclusive office hours

  • No additional fees for services offered in our practice (excluding home visits)

  • Home visits (additional fees depending on travel time and season)


VIP Elite Membership

Prioritize Your  Care

Care designed with your lifestyle in mind.

Direct Access

Your doctor and clinic at your fingertips. Text us your questions and needs. It's that simple.

Priority Booking

Need to be seen last minute? No problem, we can generally see you with in 48-hours. In the meantime, Dr. Ana can text you a temporary game plan.

Quality Care

Rush-free, personalized, and individualized care adds up to better quality of care. Don't leave your appointment with questions unanswered. You are NOT a quota, you are OUR family.

Reduced Visit Fees

Initial Consultation Fees: 

  • $25 for 30 minutes

  • $50 for 45 minutes

  • $100 for 60 minutes

Follow-Up Consultation Fees: 

*One 30-minute included per month

  • $35 for 30 minutes 

  • $50 for 45 minutes

  • $75  for 60 minutes.

Reduced Total Health Packages

Want to join one of our Total Wellness programs? All annual members have 25% off of any program of their choice.

CDE Access

Diabetes education is essential to success. Take advantage of our in-house CDE with over 17 years of experience at a reduced fee of $60 per session.

This is healthcare like you've never experienced. It's like having a doctor in the family.



What They’re Saying

Can I give Dr. Silva a six-star review? A ten star? She is the first doc that has not only helped my, for the first time in years, get my blood glucose under control, she has gotten me off meds that were making me sick...and one which may have been making my glucose levels worse. She’s now making progress managing my frequent hypoglycemic events. For some background...I am not your typical Type 2 diabetic...I’m trim, fit, eat well, and don’t do bad stuff to my body (smoke, drink excessively). Unfortunately, a combination of bad genetics and a long history of prescription steroids, both oral and injected) for injuries sustained on active duty put me in this situation. Dr. Silva has taken my history into account and is tailoring a treatment plan for me, not a “cookie cutter” solution that other docs have pursued with no success. On top of that, she’s extremely empathetic, spends the time I need to find solutions, and has proven to me that concierge medicine is the way to go.


I am 65yrs old and have had many physicians in my lifetime, dealing with many issues. Dr. Silva is by far the best in her field, as a doctor, as well as a wonderful person. Her knowledge of different medicines and treatments are more than I have received from other specialist, and her compassion far exceeds what I ever expected. She is gifted and will be the doctor who helped save my life. The only drawback is that a first appointment was a 3 month wait, but well worth it.

I had been looking for an Endocrinologist like this one since I developed type 1 diabetes 47 years ago! It is inspirational and heartening to finally find this gem. Attentive, compassionate and reassuring she asked the right questions, listened and responded with empathy and knowledge. I've consulted many doctors over the course of my illness but it only took one visit to know this Doctor one in a million.

Dr Silva is the kindest, most concerned doctor I have encountered in my 68 years. She gives suggestions and really offers hope when things get rough. Getting my diabetes under control. She’s truly an angel with invisible wings!