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Fear is excitement on pause. What will you unpause today??

Ana Silva, D.O.

When was the last time you felt great?

Are you tired of diet and exercise plans? Do you long for the days that you felt strong and confident? Do you want to improve your health and quality of life?


You are not alone. In my years of practice, I discovered that the majority of my patients aren't happy with their quality of life and health. Most of us work long hours at stressful jobs with little financial return. The long days zap all our energy that we would have to invest in ourselves. We come home tired and overwhelmed not wanting to make a big fuss about what we eat. We have family duties and just cannot give any time to ourselves. This lack of self-care leads to hidden resentment and a sense of abandonment. We then find this trickling down into our personal, social, work, and financial lives. When you look around you find yourself lost and unhappy. 


Does this sound familiar? The rat race that never seems to end. The lack of joy and feeling of just overwhelm. We usually ignore it, until our health suffers and we don't have a way to hide anymore. You look for ways to help yourself but just can't figure out how. It just doesn't seem possible.  

Hi, I’m Dr. Ana Silva. A Board-Certified Internist and Endocrinologist. I am also a  habit change health coach. Yes, a health coach. You may be wondering why would a dual Board-Certified physician become a health coach? The reason is simple. As a physician, I  understand and treat the outcomes of years of self-neglect and damages caused by stress, but I was not equipped nor trained to do was to help my patients make small sensible changes in their lives to help them get healthy and stay that way. As a health coach, I am your cheerlead and tough-love accountability partner. I will help you see what your true desires are why you have kept yourself from achieving your deepest dreams.


Today I use my expertise in hormonal and metabolic imbalance and my ninja health coaching skills to help people like you get healthy EVERY DAY! 

What do I do and how’s my program different than others?? Simple, the system is designed and tailored to fit your needs. No cookie-cutter plan. No one size fits all mentality. We will work TOGETHER every week and every step of the way to create small and simple changes that combine to form a huge ripple effect of success. As your journey continues we will continue to make changes to adapt to your needs.

What can you expect from Your Total Health Transformation Breakthrough Session??

This is a 45-minute session where you will:

  • Uncover what’s been stopping, slowing, or keeping you from having the body and health YOU WANT!

  • Develop a powerful vision for what a successful  Total Health Transformation looks like for you, your health, AND your future life.

  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are keeping you from your dream health AND what to do about it!

  • Get a crystal clear step-by-step plan for Total Health Transformation AND how to feel great in 90 days or less!

I know that I may not be the right for everyone and you may not be the right fit for me. That’s why my Your Total Health Transformation Breakthrough Session is key. If you’re not happy I will refund you your money with no questions asked. What’s the catch? None. In order for you to be successful, we have to be a good fit. I won’t know that until we meet.

What are my outcomes? It varies as with any health program. Most of my clients notice a significant improvement in their health within the first month.  Since we work on small changes that are sustainable, clients continue to improve their health and quality of life. 


I know that trusting someone you don’t know can be very difficult and this is my promise to you. I promise that I will always have your best interest at heart. I promise that if I ever feel like I am not the right person for you to let you know. I promise to give you options in your ultimate health journey. I promise to be by your side along this journey. You won’t be in it alone.

I look forward to helping you take back your health.


Dr. Ana


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